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Kay has been a freelance designer for the craft industry for over twenty years.  She has designed for CraftsCrafts 'n Things, Christmas Crafts for Hearth & Home, Quick & Easy Crafts, Pack-o-Fun, and Better Homes & Gardens publications; Holiday Crafts, Holiday Celebrations, and Floral & Nature Crafts.  Kay has also designed for manufacturers; AdTech, a glue and glue gun manufacturer, Wright's Ribbons, who's first published internet design was a basket designed by Kay, Forester  Manufacturing using Woodsie products, Hot Off the Press published a book using Kay's designs for Forester.
During this time Kay ran Atlanta Puffections, a mail order company, featuring patterns of her own designs.  These patterns ranged from small bazaar craft items to more complicated patterns for crafters to create and sell.  Customers were from the US and many foreign countries.  Her patterns were original and self-published.  You may have seen some of her designs in various craft magazines.

Kay's first love is photography.  She has been able to utilize photography in many ways.  Photographing children and pets are her first love (look at her photography references).  For a photo session call for an appointment.  Photographing children in their own environments is her first choice promoting lasting memories.  Parks, playgrounds and nature scapes are also desirable for candid photography.  Kay occasionally uses mothers in her photography much as Mary Cassat used in her paintings.

You may have seen some of her designs published using the Puff registered trademark.  She is especially noted for twinkling in eyes of her dolls and animals. Puff mice were her speciality.  Kay carries over the twinkling eyes of her characters to those of the children she photographs.

Once Michael, Kay's husband, retired from the computer industry, they sought a hobby both could enjoy.  Since Michael liked participating in triathons and Kay hated to sweat, a new hobby was a must. Voila!  Art!  Under the tutaledge  of Johnnie Lilliedahl, both Kay and Mike found a new and exciting hobby which they could enjoy together.  Johnnie taught the plein air method of oil painting while traveling to many countries.  What could have been better than to travel and learn art?

" Art is man's attempt to imitate the beauty of the Creator's hand."
                                               -   The Da Vinci Code

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